Vacation Is Over

So, vacation is over and even though I indulged some, I was still mindful of moderation and portion control. Having said that I’ve got goals to reach and I’m still on my journey to optimal health so yesterday I got right back on plan. ⁣

The way my incredible program works is by day 3 (4 for some), you get into a gentle fat burning state where there's:

  • low hunger ⁣

  • low cravings ⁣

  • high energy and ⁣

  • more rapid weight loss!! ⁣

It’s the perfect space to be in so that I can figure out which habits I need to adjust to have long term success. ⁣

For me day 2 has been a bit rough as the glycogen is burning out of my body and I’m moving into fat burn. So I’m taking it easier today before shows ramp back up tomorrow. I’m having to really go in on the water and you know what that means (see photo).

By Friday... I’ll be back in the zone and I’ll be on 🔥!⁣

  • The key is to never stop. ⁣

  • Give yourself grace. ⁣

  • Celebrate the small victories. ⁣

This time of the year I wouldn't have even given health a thought until January only to be right back in the cycle by March. ⁣

Not this time! ⁣