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and make music from your heart...

– Ephesians 5:19

Regina’s love for music and the stage was recognized and nurtured at a very young age. Having studied at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts and Florida A&M University. Regina’s natural talent, mixed with professional training, can be heard in numerous live CD recordings and concerts around the globe where she can be found singing various genres of music.


She was the 2013 Exalt! overall winner, the 2015 McDonald’s Gospel Fest female vocalist of the year. She has sung alongside Lauryn Hill, Richard Smallwood, Tasha Cobbs, The Marley Brothers, George Shirley, and Kathleen Battle to name a few. Currently, Regina can be seen performing at NarroWay Productions where she is currently a featured performer.

See Regina Live

Attend one of Regina's performances or take a peek at a few appearances she's done!


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