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Turkey Shot

I’ve been wanting to take a “sugar shot” where I take a picture with 84 pounds of sugar to give a visual of the progress I’ve made so far on my journey. But it’s Thanksgiving so why not take a “turkey shot. First of all I’m not sure how I even functioned before because I couldn’t even hold all of the turkeys at once (I definitely tried). I’m so excited and proud of this journey that I just can’t keep it to myself. I’d love to share this gift with anyone that has some health goals that they’d like to reach. So if you’d like to start your health journey.

I have FIVE $50 wellness credits toward your 30 day nutrition plan. They will go fast so don’t miss out. Why wait until the new year when you can start making changes now. Let me know I’d love to come alongside you on your health journey. Let’s do it together. #TheJourneyContinues

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