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I Not Only Survived, I Thrived

The photo on the bottom left was taken after one of the most embarrassing times in my life. It was last year in October at FAMU during homecoming. It was also extremely hot. However, right after this picture was taken I almost passed out and had to sit in the Lawson center to get air and to hydrate. I hid from my friends until I could get it together enough to not look like I was out of it. I then had to sit on the corner and wait for my friends to pick me up because I couldn’t walk up the hill due to my back and legs hurting. I was completely embarrassed.

Fast Forward to a few weeks ago I had a MAJOR N.S.V. (Non Scale Victory). On July 20th, I went to see Reba McEntire in concert at the Delaware State Fair. There was a major heat wave in the area at the time and even with VIP parking it was still about a 3 mile walk round trip in the blistering heat. I NEVER would have been able to make that trip and would have surely passed out. But I not only survived, I thrived! I was tired but I felt amazing.

The funny thing is that on this health journey, I’ve mostly been focused making sure I follow my program and get my water in. I do some walking ( will amp it up as I get closer to my goal). However, honestly that’s all that I have done and I still have this burst of energy.

You see, I’ve been the “big cute girl” most of my adult/ teen life but I could still walk and be active and not look winded. But that day last year reality set in at the worst time. I could hang because I’m young. I won’t always have youth on my side. Don’t let your health or your weight keep you from living your best life. God didn’t put us on this earth to not be our best possible selves, inside and out. We all have a purpose and we can’t fulfill that if we are not healthy. Celebrate your non scale victories because that’s one of the things that will keep you motivated and it will lead to scale victories... at least it will on the program that I’ve been doing. #TheJourneyContinues

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