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Podcast Feature | Turning a 100-lb Weight Loss Journey Into a Motivation to Help Others

I had the pleasure of being featured on the Rebel Babe Cave Podcast! You can click here to listen in! Below are the show highlights.


So often people fall into the trap of telling others what they should and shouldn’t do, when in fact, those individuals are on their own journeys, making choices for their own lives. This is true whether it comes to career choices, parenting, and especially health and fitness goals. Today on the show we welcome on Regina Jackson. Regina is a proud Jersey girl, born and raised but now she is loving life in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since she was a young girl, Regina has lived a life where she was smiling and happy on the outside, but always had this internal struggle with her weight. As a performer and professional singer, no one wants to see that struggle on stage. After years of trying and failing fad diets, she finally found the tools to guide her on her journey to optimal health, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Today, Regina is a Certified Health Coach and during our conversation, we talk a lot about weight loss and what that has looked like in her life. Often times even the topic of weight loss can be a trigger for a lot of people. However, in this episode, we dive into Regina’s incredible story of losing over 100 pounds and how she has turned that around to help others! Since starting out on her journey, she has truly become passionate about coming alongside others on their journey to optimal health and to help people realize what is possible in their own lives, mentally, physically, and financially. Regina knows that if she can do it, anyone can do it. Sometimes the best person to help others is someone who is only a few steps ahead on the journey. This is exactly where Regina comes in — she simply knew that she would be able to help other people and just dove right on into it! Regina is an absolute light, and she is on fire to help people realize what’s possible in their own lives. So stay tuned and don’t miss today’s episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Regina’s goals, gratitude, and badassery: weight loss, life, and adjusting to change.

  • Recognizing the fear of undoing your weightless goals and progress.

  • Learning how to give yourself grace on your health and fitness journey.

  • The driving force and motivation behind Regina’s health and weight loss journey.

  • Overcoming the imposter syndrome: being relatable, not perfect.

  • Why a weight loss journey is often more about your mental health rather than physical.

  • Learning to love yourself to achieve that next level of beauty.

  • The importance of being proud of and celebrating your progress, no matter how small. 

  • How Regina’s drastic physical change has improved her singing career.

  • Coming to terms with the fact that there are no short cuts: you have to do the work!

  • Why non-scale victories are a prerequisite to victories on the scale. 

  • The quotes the Regina live by: “Some will, some won’t, who cares?” and, “If I can help somebody as I travel on, then my living shall not be in vain.”

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