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I'm Regina

I've personally lost over 100 pounds and I now mentor and coach hundreds that are on their own personal journeys to optimal health.


For the better part of my life, I’ve had a very crippling and constant battle with my weight. It’s been a fight that I’ve been private about as it’s been a very vulnerable thing for me. I chose to mask my struggles with my smile, wit, sarcasm, personality, talent, and so on. I have become quite the expert actually, to the point where I have often been celebrated for being my size and “having it together.”

The truth is I wasn’t together at all.

However, I always felt that even at my heaviest God was still somehow preserving me because I would get the all-clear report from the doctor after every physical. 2019 was different I had my 2019 physical and I did not get the all-clear from the doctor. Warning shots were indeed fired, and I heard them loud and clear. At that moment a light went off. I refused to let my struggles with my weight have power over me and keep me in a cycle of fear. This generational curse was going to end with me.

So around March 1st, well February 26th of 2019 to be exact, I made the decision that it’s time to break the cycle once and for all. I began my journey towards optimal health and I was ready for this Habits of Health journey. I have been encouraged to share my story and it was out of the question. I was absolutely terrified to “go public” with my story as it’s a very personal and vulnerable thing for me. Then one of my dearest friends shared this with me she said, “so many times we only put the finished product on social media. It’s like in math class when you’d do a problem and only put the solution. The teacher marked it wrong because we needed to show the work. People need to see the process. The struggle, otherwise they can’t believe that optimal health can be achieved in their own lives. I know it’s hard to put it out there. But trust that God will use the struggle to bless someone and maybe save someone’s life.”

Today, I am down over 100 pounds, I see life as a sea of possibilities, I have energy and I feel amazing. I have also had the honor of being a transformational and business coach to so many on their journey to optimal health. I’m still on this journey and I’m pressing on the right path every day. Healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy finances. I know that there will be stumbles and setbacks but I’m determined to press on, to share this journey with you all, and to encourage anyone that has had the same struggles as me to come alongside me in this journey. “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

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